Thoughts to Savour

There have been some wonderfully thought-provoking articles out there on the internet lately. Here are a few I really enjoyed:

I can’t remember the last time we went to see a movie in theatre, but these two reviews of Disney’s Cinderella make me think it’d be worthwhile to take my daughter if she were a little older (she’s just 16 months old).
Maleficent vs. Cinderella and the Heroes We Give Our Children: “I am, frankly, astounded that a movie as full of goodness and self-sacrifice, and truth and beauty even exists.”
Charity Has Power and How Disney Didn’t Ruin Cinderella: “And what Cinderella ends up being is a beautiful examination of the strength of virtue–a very unmodern theme.”

Hospitality and the Holy Imagination: this is quite a fascinating look at art from the perspective of hospitality. Yeah, I wondered about that intersection, too, but Zach Franzen explains his idea that artists shouldn’t be self-seeking in a clear and compelling way.

Why Fairy Tales are Dangerous: two wonderful reasons to read fairy tales to your children.

An Honest Pen: a short but provocative quote from Anthony Esolen on writing well.