Favourite Heroines in Books

I’m linking up with the Broke and the Bookish again, this time for a list of my favourite literary heroines. Here we go:


1. Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre) – Jane has a spirit that won’t be squashed, despite being orphaned, oppressed by her relatives and deprived of the basic comforts of food and warmth at school. She’s resilient, capable and passionate, and she has the courage of her convictions.

2. Anne Elliot (Persuasion) – both Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austen created characters outside the convention for heroines: Jane Eyre is plain, and Anne Elliot has lost the bloom of her youth. Like Jane, Anne triumphs as a character (though she’s not as sprightly as Jane). She’s loyal and kind, patient and passionate. And I admire Anne for looking back on her life and not regretting being guided by principle, even though it cost her a great deal.

3. Lucy (The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) – Lucy’s sweet, true and awfully brave for such a young lass.

4. Pat Gardiner (Pat of Silver Bush, Mistress Pat) – Pat’s an unusual heroine in that she’s quite fearful of change in her life. But her heart gradually opens up to new experiences and to love, and it’s beautiful to see the change in her.

5. Jo March (Little Women) – Jo has a passionate zest for life, she’s driven and she’s such a good friend and sister.

6. Elizabeth Bennett (Pride and Prejudice) – witty, lively and possessing a set of fine eyes, I’m sure Elizabeth is on many a Top Ten Heroine list. What I like best about her: she holds her own with the formidable Mr. Darcy and she’s not afraid to admit her faults.

7. Eowyn (Lord of the Rings) – it’s been a while since I read LOTR, but I recall being drawn to Eowyn for her unrequited love of a good man, her lack of self-pity and the way in which she chose healing over the sword.

How about you? Who are you favourite literary heroines?


5 thoughts on “Favourite Heroines in Books

  1. Krysta says:

    You listed so many good ones! I’ve always been fond of Lucy and her ability to see the good and the beauty around her that others miss. And Pat may be my favorite Montgomery heroine–and Hilary my favorite Montgomery hero! Sometimes her fear makes her miss out on things, but she is still kind and sensitive and alive to beauty. And, of course, what list would be complete without Eowyn?

    I would add Luthien to my list. I love how, when her lover goes on a quest, she doesn’t sit behind and wait for him, but fights with him. Because, as a couple, shouldn’t you support each other in your battles? And she’s powerful! Beren wouldn’t have succeeded without her. Their partnership is inspiring.

    • arendadehaan says:

      Thanks Krysta! I haven’t heard of Luthien and Beren, but google tells me their story is from the Silmarillion? I think when I eventually re-read LOTR I’ll read that book as well . . .

      • Krysta says:

        Yes, it’s from The Silmarillion and one of my favorite stories! I think you would like Luthien a lot, if you like Eowyn!

    • arendadehaan says:

      PS – I love the phrase you used to describe Pat – “alive to beauty.” That describes so many of LM Montgomery’s heroines; they have eyes and hearts that love, long for and appreciate beauty.

      • Krysta says:

        Yes, I find all of her heroines inspirational in a way. I think sometimes I miss the beauty of life when I get caught up in its everyday worries, but Montgomery reminds me that there’s always something to rejoice in or to appreciate.

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