The Magic of the Commonplace

Woman at the Garden by Renoir

Woman at the Garden by Renoir

The magic of the commonplace, the wonderful use of biblical language, the delightful realms of a child’s imagination – these are all reasons I love Lucy Maud Montgomery’s books.  Here is a wee little taste of the refreshing waters:

At heart a thorough clansman, she loved, without knowing she loved, all the old clan customs and beliefs and follies and wisdoms as immutable as the law of Mede and Persian.  They were all part of that int’resting world where she lived and moved and had her being – a world which could never be dull for Marigold, who possessed the talismanic power of flinging something glamorous over the most commonplace fact of life.  As Aunt Marigold said, Marigold saw the soul of things as well as the things themselves.
Magic for Marigold, Lucy Maud Montgomery


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