Saint Ox-Cart and the Rapunzel Hood

I loved this post my husband wrote on choosing excellent picture books for our children, so I thought I’d share it here. Enjoy!

Sixteen Seasons

We have a couple roosterlets that maraud through the halls of the manor with demands for food, horse rides, and stories, demands that we take seriously. I have few defenses against a boy who honestly thinks his dad can throw balls as high as the moon, and even fewer against a pair of doe-eyes and four peeping teeth. So they get fed, they get bounced, and above all, we try to fatten up their souls with good stories.

And we should, too. Stories give kids the means to judge the world around them, to discern truth from lies, good from evil, and beauty from ugliness. When kids see their favourite characters acting courageously, industriously, and with perseverance and duty to a cause greater than themselves, then they learn to want those things for themselves. When stories illustrate the cost of sin, kids learn that their sinful natures ought to be…

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