Twitterature // August 2014

Here’s what I’ve been reading this past month!

emma  262744

Emma by Jane Austen – I re-read Emma for the fourth or fifth time, and it was as perfectly splendid as ever. More thoughts here.

Jane Fairfax by Joan Aiken – Rather flamboyant, with an unsympathetic and resentful Jane Fairfax. Let’s just say that if I loved Emma less, I might be able to admire Jane Fairfax more.

6617388-M  penderwicks

A Girl of the Limberlost by Gene Stratton-Porter – a coming-of-age story with an Anne of Green Gables feel to it, though with a lot more moths as it’s set in an Indiana swamp. Liked it, but the love triangle kept me from loving it.

The Penderwicks by Jeanne Birdsall – delightful, charming story of four young sisters and their dad on summer holidays.  I’m looking forward to reading the next in the series.

ford the-warden

The Good Soldier by Ford Madox Ford – the unreliable narrator and conversational-style telling of the story could have been liabilities, but they actually make the story.  A fascinating tragedy.

The Warden by Anthony Trollope – there’s an awful lot of satire here (greedy church leaders, newspapers, lawyers), but the story comes down to a tale of conscience: what does a man do when the world thinks he’s been unjust?  Wonderfully done.

I’m linking up with Anne of the Modern Mrs. Darcy – head over to her blog to find more itty-bitty book reviews!


3 thoughts on “Twitterature // August 2014

  1. whitneyconard says:

    you’ve got some nice classics lined up there! the only exposure i’ve had to ford maddox ford was the TV series parade’s end with benedict cumberbatch – and i actually don’t recommend it – so depressing! maybe his books are bit more uplifting, but i doubt it 🙂 (coming over from mmd!)

    • arendadehaan says:

      Ha, his books are not uplifting, either; they dwell on the inescapable evil of people. So yes, depressing – but quite thought-provoking at the same time. Thanks for the heads up about Parade’s End; I was considering watching it, having heard about it after reading The Good Soldier, but I’ll pass for now.

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